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Okno I, OKNO II, patinovaná sádra, 2019  / WINDOW I, WINDOW II, Patinated plaster, 2019


Mramor, v.100 cm, Rehabilitační nemocnice Beroun, 2017 / Marble, h.100 cm, Rehabilitation Hospital Beroun, 2017

The human and animal figure is a basic theme of my sculpture work. Often, I am inspired by the ancient mythology, the archaic cultures as well as the archetypal pattern. I create sculptures, paintings, drawings, medals and design of commemorative coins.

Curriculum Vitae MARIE SEBOROVA

Born          29.8.1966 in Kromeriz in Czechoslovakia


1993-96     Academy of Fine Arts Prague, Figural Sculpture and Medal Studio of prof. Jan Hendrych
1990-93     Academy of Fine Arts Prague, Drawing Studio of  prof. Jitka Svobodova
1992          Scholarship at Fachhochschule Kiel, Germany, Sculpture Studio of  prof.Jan Koblasa

Solo exhibitions

2019          Variations, Toyen Gallery, Prague, CZ
2017          Travel Diary, Foyer Viola Theater, Prague, CZ
2016          Sculptures and Paitings, Wolf Theiss Layer Office, Prague, CZ
2016          Goddesses, Foyer Viola Theater, Prague, CZ
2014          Way of living, Gallery Portheimka, Prague, CZ
2012          Morceaux choisis, Maison des art contemporains, Pérouges, France
2010          Sculptures, Castel Cachrov, CZ
2009          Sculptures and Drawings, Michal’s Collection Gallery, Prague, CZ
2009          Sculptures, Medals, Drawings, Municipal Gallery, Tyn nad Vltavou, CZ
2009          Sculptures and Drawings, Municipal Gallery My, Jablonec nad Nisou, CZ
2008          Sculptures, Atrium in Zizkov Gallery, Prague, CZ
2004          Sculptures & Medals, Belidlo Gallery, Prague, CZ
2002          Sculptures, Medals, Drawings, Municipal Gallery Luka, Prague, CZ

Collective exhibitions

2019         Sculptors in Podebrady, Ludvik Kuba Gallery, Podebrady, CZ
2019         Portraits, National Technical Museum Prague, CZ, Municipal Museum Horice, CZ
2019         Titillating Sculpture, Nova Sin Gallery, Prague, CZ
2019         100 years of Czech-Slowak Crown, Imperial Stables of Prague Castle, Prague, CZ
2018         Between me and you, Rabas Gallery, Rakovnik, CZ
2018         Portraits, National Technical Museum Prague, CZ, Municipal Museum Horice, CZ
2018         Middle Bohemia Trienalle, Rabas Gallery, Rakovnik, CZ
2017         Sculpture Portraits, National Technical Museum, Prague, CZ
2016         Frauenpower in Modern Art, Black Swan Art & Event Gallery, Prague, CZ
2016         Frauenpower, Rathausgalerie, Konstanz, Germany
2016         Sculptures, Competitions, Realisations, Gallery 10, Prague, CZ
2016         Portraits, Academy of Science of Czech Republic, Prague, Municipal Museum Horice, CZ
2015         Salon of Sculptures, Gallery Sbor ceskych bratri, Mlada Boleslav, CZ
2015         Europe Meets the Mediterranean, Gallery of A.F.F.A, Nicosia, Cyprus
2015         Portraits, Academy of Science of Czech Republic, Prague, Regional Gallery of Vysocina, Jihlava, CZ
2014         Sculptures, Chvaly Castle, Prague – Horni Pocernice, CZ
2013-14    Portraits of president Vaclav Havel, Academy of Science of Czech Republic, Prague, Municipal Museum Horice, Gallery Draka Trutnov, CZ
2013         Salon of Sculptures, The Old Town Hall in Prague, CZ
2013         Sculptures and Paitings, Rabas Gallery Rakovnik, CZ
2012         Sculptures, Castel Klasterec nad Ohri, CZ
2012         Sculptures and Paitings, Castle Kladno, CZ
2012         Above Surface, Academy of Science of Czech Republic, Prague, CZ
2011-12     10th edition From Above The Danube The Veltava and The Vistula – Medallist and Theirs Works, Municipal Museum Wroclaw, Poland, Gallery of the Association of Fine and Applied Artists in Budapest, Hungaria, Gallery of  Slovak Museum in Uherske Hradiste, CZ, Museum of coins and medals in Kremnica, Slowak
2011         Sculptures, Chateau Luneville, France
2010         9th edition From Above The Danube The Veltava and The Vistula – Medallist and Theirs Works, Municipal Museum Wroclaw, Poland
2009         10th International Medal Symposium, Kremnica, Slowak
2009         10th International Medal Bronze-Casting Symposium, Uherske Hradiste, CZ
2009         InterSalon South Bohemia, Pisek, CZ
2009         15th Art Salon, Municipal Gallery, Tyn nad Vltavou, CZ
2008         Sculptura, The Centre Gallery, Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia
2008         1st Biennial Sculpture Exhibition of Guadalajara, Museum of Arts University of Guadalajara, Mexico
2007         5sculptors, Strahov Monastery, Prague, CZ
2006         Marble path, Chodovska tvrz Gallery, Prague, CZ
2005         29th International Symposium on Cast Bronze Medals and Statuette, Varosy Gallery, Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
2004         Opuka, Bělidlo Gallery, Prague, CZ
2004         FIDEM  International Art Medals Exhibition, Seixal, Portugal
2003         Sculptor‘s Meeting „ Near the Wall“, The Feudal House, Uhersky Brod, CZ
2003         4th Salon of the Association of Art Medal Designers, Slovak Gallery Museum, Uherské Hradiste, Museum of East Bohemia, Hradec Kralove, West Bohemian Gallery in Plzen, Museum of Glass and Jewellery, Jablonec nad Nisou, CZ
2002          SCULPTURA 02, the Castle Krivoklat, CZ
2002          FIDEM International Art Medals Exhibition, Paris, France
2002          7th International Medal Bronze-Casting Symposium, Slovak Gallery Museum, Uherske Hradiste, CZ
2002          Prední Kopanina 2001, Navratil Gallery, Prague, CZ
2001          Unexpected Connexions, Cervena Tabulka Gallery, Prague, CZ
1996          Diploma works 96, The Valdstein‘s Riding Hall, Prague, CZ

Participated at symposiums

2019          5th  International Sculpture Symposium Litomerice, Czech Republic ( sandstone )
2018          14th Art Camp Gernik, Roumenia ( painting )
2016          3rd International sculpture workshop, Izmir, Turkey (bronze )
2015          12th International Sculpture Symposium, Alanya, Turkey ( marble )
2015          5th  International Sculpture Symposium Kuzgun Acar, Bursa-Nilufer, Turkey (marble )
2015          International Sculpture Workshop, Aiya Varvara, Cyprus ( marble )
2014          4th  International Sculpture Sympozium Luleburgaz, Turkey ( bronze )
2014          6th   International Sculpture Sympozium Strzegom, Poland ( granit )
2014          17th International Sculpture Symposium in Behringen, Germany ( sandstone )
2012          14th International Sculpture Symposium, Changchun, China ( bronze )
2011          4th International Sculpture Symposium, Penza, Russia ( bronze )
2011          4th International Sculpture Symposium, Luneville, France ( limestone )
2009          10th International Medal Symposium Kremnica, Slowak ( bronze )
2009          10th International Medal Bronze-Casting Symposium, Uherske Hradiste, CZ
2008          4th International Sculpture Symposium Landek 08, Ostrava, CZ (granit, marble )
2008          2nd International Sculpture Symposium, Opole, Poland ( marble )
2007          5th International Gezer Stone Symposium, Mersin, Turkey ( marble )
2007          2nd International Sculpture Symposium, Aiya Varvara, Cyprus ( limestone )
2007          2nd International Sculpture Symposium, Grasse, France ( marble )
2007          International Sculpture Symposium, Amneville les Thermes, France (limestone)
2007          2ndInternational Sculpture Symposium “Sitting Art”,  Woerden, Holland (dolomit)
2006          Dokuma Modern Art Museum – 1st Sculpture Symposium, Antalya, Turkey ( marble)
2006          Europäisches Kunstsymposium, Frauenstein, Germany ( sandstone)
2005          International Sculpture symposium, Vlasim, CZ ( sandstone )
2005          2end International Sculpture Symposium, Dobrichovice, CZ ( marble )
2005          29th International Symposium on Cast Bronze Medals and Statuette, Nyiregyhaza– Sosto, Hungary ( bronze )
2004          Segni e Risegni, International Sculpture Symposium “ in Pietra Leccese”, Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy ( limestone )
2003          International Sculpture Symposium Prední Kopanina, CZ (limestone)
2003          International Cup‘s Symposium, Hodonin, CZ (bronze )
2003          Sculptor‘s Meeting „ Near the Wall“, Uhersky Brod, CZ (sandstone )
2002          International Sculpture Symposium Prední Kopanina, CZ (limestone)
2002          7th International Medal Bronze-Casting Symposium, Uherske Hradiste, CZ
2001          Sculpture Symposium Predni Kopanina, CZ (limestone)

Represented in collections

Museum of Coins and Medals Kremnica, Slowak
Dokuma Modern Art Museum, Antalya, Turkey
Varosy Gallery, Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
The Rabas Gallery, Rakovník, CZ
The Museum of Moravian Slovakia, Uherské Hradiště, CZ
Private collections in Czech Republic and abroad


2019         Little Angel, sandstone, Litomerice, CZ
2019         Bust of Eleonor Roosevelt, bronze, Columbia University, NYC, USA
2018         Bust of Marie Curie – Sklodowska, patinated plaster, Museum Karlovy Vary – Jachymov
2018         Bust of Eleonor Roosevelt, bronze, Middelburg, Holland, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Arenzo, Italy, Paris, France
2018         Bust of president Vaclav Havel, bronze, Columbia University, NYC, USA
2017         Torso, marble, Rehabilitation Hospital Beroun, Czech Republic
2017         Bust of president Vaclav Havel, bronze, European Parliament, Strassbourg, France
2016         Bust of president Vaclav Havel, bronze, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
2016         Mythic Boat, bronze, Izmir, Turkey
2015         Goddess, marble, Alanya, Turkey
2015         Conscience, marble, Municipality Hall, Bursa-Nilufer, Turkey
2015         Bust of president Vaclav Havel, bronze, Parliament, Dublin, Irland
2015         Bust of president Vaclav Havel, bronze, Tlatelolco University Cultural Center, Mexico City, Mexico
2014         Les Amis, bronze, Lulegurgaz, Turkey
2014         Pomona, granite, Strzegom, Poland
2014         Stumbling Stone – Alien, sandstone, Schloss Park in Behringen, Germany
2014         Medal – First Long Haul Flight of  Jan Kaspar, silver, gold, Prague Mint, Czech Republic
2014         Medal – Foundation of The Sokol, silver, gold, Prague Mint, Czech Republic
2014         Medal – Foundation of The Monastery Zlata Koruna, silver, gold, Prague Mint, Czech Republic
2012         Vera, bronze, Urban Central Park of Jingyue Development Zone, Changchun, China
2011         Afrodite, bronze, Sculpture Park Legend, Penza, Russia
2011         Diva, limestone, Castle Luneville, France
2011         Figure, limestone, Aarhus, Denmark
2010         Memorial stela of the victims of the Heydrich terror, granite, Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Prague, Czech Republic
2010         Allegory – Justice, Temperance, Prudence, Fortitude, bronze, Justice Palace, Luxembourg
2009         Medal for Musee d’art et d’histoire Geneve, Switzerland
2009         Two figures, limestone, The Augustine Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic
2008         Stone Table, marble, Terlicko Sculpture Park, Czech Republic
2008         Music Figure, granite, Landek-Ostrava, Czech Republic
2008         Sirene, marble and granite, Opole, Poland
2008         Aborigin Stone, granite, Slate Point, Queensland, Australia
2007         Alien, marble, Mersin, Turkey
2007         Sirene, limestone, Aiya Varvara Park, Cyprus
2007         Flora, marble, Grasse, France
2007         Aqua, limestone, Amnéville les Thermes, France
2007         Angel, granite, Woerden, Holland
2006         Figural Form., marble, Antalya, Turkey
2006         Column of Alien, sandstone, Frauenstein, Germany
2005         Alien, sandstone, Chateau Park Vlasim, CZ
2005         Pomona, marble, Way of Marble, Dobrichovice, CZ
2004         Lying Figure, limestone, St.Maria di Leuca, Italy
2003         Stone, sandstone, Uhersky Brod, CZ


2017         2nd prix – Competition – Commemorating the 100 milion gold coin for 100 years of the Czech – Slowak crown, Czech National Bank, Czech Republic
2017         3rd prix – Portrait contest of director Vera Chytilova, Association of Sculptor of the Czech Republic
2014         2nd prix – Competition – Sculpture on the motifs of Zofie Chotkova including water element, Municipatity Prague 6, Czech Republic
2013         2nd prix – Contest on artwork to commemorate the industrialist Emil Kolben, Municipality Prague 9, Czech Republic
2009         Fine Work ( 3rd  prix ) – The International Coin Design Competition , Japan Mint, Japan
2007         1st  prix – 2nd International Sculpture Symposium “Sitting Art” Woerden, Holland
2005         1st  prix – gold medal for the best artistic achievement, 29th Symposium Cast Bronze Medal and Statuette, Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
2004         2nd prix – competition for commemorative silver coin 100th anniversary birth of couple J.Voskovec and J.Werich in 2005, Czech National Bank
2003         3rd prix – competition for commemorative silver coin 150th anniversary birth of composer Leos Janacek in 2004, Czech National Bank